Architectural Design

Spaces designed to inspire the way we live, work and play. Architectural design brings together functional and aesthetical elements to create structures that enhance both lifestyle and ease of living, using creative tools and advanced technologies. The space is our guiding principle - we are guided and inspired by space to transform it.

The process

Phase one

Finding the deep end

Immersion is the first step to initiate a project. After discussing the big picture, Roel drops into the identity of the project and formulates the challenge from which he will craft the solution. This is the basis for the entire process that follows—there are many answers to the right question.

Phase two

Spark an idea or two

…Or three or four or fifty. Roel’s unique ideation technique brings many—and often surprising, results. In this phase, Roel acts as a translator through design. A translator triggered by the challenge, but also by the ability to think in a problem-solving and applied way.

Phase three

Expand and explore

In this phase the key ideas are explored and elaborated on. This is where the best ideas are made concrete and the finer details are drawn out. At this point, we confront sustainability, knowledge of materials and the production process. Experience plays a crucial role here.

Phase four

Go for impact

Finally, the design is ready to be launched. At this stage, Roel will bring his attention to the greater performance of the design; namely, the ecosystem behind it. Strategy, marketing, communications, transport, packaging and placement are all touched by his guidance.

True love for an object

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